Sales Agreement

" We want our client's and horses to have long wonderful partnerships and 'spot on' adventures. To aid this, we offer a thirty day guarantee for all of our horses. If a client is not happy with their new addition, Sonnet Gypsy Ranch will buy back the baby.

Upon delivery, our clients can expect a well started weanling or yearling. The horse will stand, tie, clip, load and stand for the Farrier. Our horses are handled from birth with love and natural techniques, are confident and ready to pursue new and fun jobs and activities. We feel this ensures a great future for each Sonnet horse, and allows us to send them on to your loving home."

We ask that all our horses that move onto a new home, be provided living space that offers room to move (no 12/24 pens please), equine company for their continued happiness (at least one other with which to bond, groom and interact), and patient gentle training. Please call or visit our website for more information, and to make an appointment to visit our family of horses.

Download Sonnet Gypsy Ranch Sales Agreement