If you would like to own a Sonnet Gypsy Ranch baby, we would be happy to discuss with you breeding one of our Mares to a top Stallion appropriate for the mare.  In this scenario the buyer would pay breeding costs (5k) and another 10k if the baby is taken home at one year, in addition to shipping costs. Buyers and the new home, must also meet certain criteria: We want our horses to have at least one other horse as a buddy kept inside the same living area/pen, not a separate pen.  Horses need horses for happiness and health.  Also, we require sufficient space for the living area, this being at least 100 ft by 50 ft in their main pen, with additional access to turn out.  Other factors will be discussed.


These Horses Have Been Sold


Blue Athena (Tina) - Filly
Foaled: April 21, 2015


Blue's Spruce Zeus (Zeus) - Colt
Foaled: April 9, 2015


Bonny King’s Treasure (Katie) - Filly
Foaled: March 27, 2014


Sparkling Caymus Colleen (Leena) - Filly
Foaled: March 28, 2014


SGR Noble Pearl
Foaled: May 30, 2016

SGSSGR Noble Pearl


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